Brief Introduction

Lamki Chuha is a municipality in Kailali District of Nepal established on 18 May 2014 by merging two existing Village Development Committees Baliya and Chuha. Lamki Chuha lies 100 km east of Dhangadhi and 500 km west of the capital, Kathmandu and is the major provider of education, health and employment opportunities in the eastern Kailali.
Lamki Chuha is one of the main business centre of the Kailali District. As a central point for connecting other main cities and villages of the Kailali District, it has the fastest-growing rate of infrastructure and public services. Availability of all infrastructures in Lamki Chuha has driven many people from urban and village areas to migrate to the district.
Lamki Chuha is connected to the Mahendra Highway, which is the longest highway of Nepal. It is a central meeting point for Lamki Chuha -Tikapur Highway and Lamki Chuha-Achham Highway, where transport includes Cycle Rickshaws, Public Mini Buses and Public City Buses…